For all speaking engagements I deliver a slideshow presentation with supplemental worksheets providing you with actionable steps that you can easily implement for your business. These are proven strategies that have worked for my business (and for my clients!)

Want a more private, individualized coaching session? I’m available for 1:1 consulting to help you identify low-hanging fruit opportunities to improve your current workflows and save time.

(1 Hour Workshops. Minimum of 10 people. $30 per person for 1 hour)

“Supercharge Your Social Media”

In this workshop, we’re going to discuss how to supercharge your social media content. $30 per person

In this session you will learn:

  • Why content on social media can be an incredibly powerful tool in your arsenal
  • The 3 “E’s” of sharing content
  • Common mistakes you might be making on social media
  • How to take your social content to the next level by introducing some new ideas into the mix

“Facebook: What’s Working in 2022”

Facebook’s algorithm changes every few months. I keep up with the latest marketing trends and share what’s new. $30 per person

In this session you will learn:

  • Hidden tools you might not be using
  • Ad placement ideas & sales funnels
  • Where to source good content
  • What’s working today / what isn’t
  • The 3 “E’s” of sharing content

Hands-On Tech Training:

Need help automating your business processes? Want to serve your online clients more quickly? Or learn to schedule social media? Book a group session, $30 per person (worksheets included)

  • SEO Basics – 1 hour
  • iPhone Photography – 1 hour
  • Anatomy of a GOOD blog post – 1 hour
  • Blogging with – 1 to 2 hours
  • How to use (for Instagram) – 1 hour
  • Easy Social Media Scheduling (using Buffer) – 1 hour
  • Tailwind (auto-pinning MAGIC for Pinterest) – 1 hour
  • List building / Email Automation – 1 to 2 hours

“Crush It With Instagram”

Learn how to grow your business with proven strategies and practical tactics on Instagram. $30 per person

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • Photo editing basics on Instagram
  • Why Instagram is worth your time and energy.
  • Hashtag shortcuts you need to know
  • Creating your Instagram strategy
  • Monetizing your presence like a pro

“Social List Building”

Learn how to effectively use social media and content marketing to grow your email list with targeted prospects who will eventually become buyers. In this workshop, we’ll be covering:

  • Attracting the right subscriber
  • Validating your subscribers
  • Crafting your social list building plan
  • Creating & delivering your lead magnets
  • Conversion metrics
  • My top list building tools
  • … and much more

“Create Epic Social Content”

(Prerequisite: “Supercharge Your Social Media”) Learn how to source amazing content for your social media platforms. $30 per person

In this class you will learn:

  • How to design a content strategy
  • The best strategies to come up with a wealth of content ideas
  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to repurpose your content effectively
  • … and much more

Unlock the Power of Pinterest

This course will show you how to setup an effective Pinterest marketing strategy to increase your blog’s traffic, your leads and generate more sales. $30 per person

You will learn…

  • Why Pinterest is so important for bloggers and retailers
  • How to plug Pinterest into your existing marketing strategy
  • How to leverage group boards and create the perfect pin
  • How to schedule and loop your pins with Board Booster
  • Simple branding tweaks that will make a big difference
  • How to monetize Pinterest
  • … And much more!

Blogging for Business

Learn how to effectively use blogging and content marketing to establish yourself as an authority, drive more traffic, capture more leads and convert those leads into paying customers. $30 per person

In this course you will learn:

  • How Blogging Improves Your Business Search Results
  • How to design a content strategy
  • Get found with search engine optimation
  • The best strategies to come up with a wealth of blog ideas
  • How to use blogging to capture more leads & make more sales
  • How to repurpose your content effectively
  • Design a promotion plan to get the most bang for your content
  • … and much more

Smart Facebook Ads

This course will help you to implement simple, yet super effective Facebook ads campaigns so you can drive more traffic, increase your leads and boost your sales. $30 per person

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • How to run ads to specific types of audiences
  • The three main campaigns you should be running on Facebook
  • How to optimize and test your campaigns
  • How to measure and track your results
  • …and much more

The Content Calendar System

This course will help you to create, plan and organize your content inside a content calendar that allows you to strategically leverage your content. $30 per person

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • The importance of creating a content calendar
  • How to create the ultimate posting plan
  • Ideas to re-purpose the content that you already have
  • The one strategy that will save you loads of time while you create your social content
  • The best tools & resources to create a kick-butt content calendar you can set up today
  • …and much more

Many more coming soon!

To book a session, please contact Jeanette @ [email protected] or call 216.224.7088 to set up a date!