My goal is to provide objective feedback and give you clear steps to automate your online business, free up your time and grow revenue. We’ll look at your business from the consumer perspective. Email me with any questions, and let’s set up a time!

Are you overwhelmed with advice you’re reading on the internet? Talk to me, LIVE as I help you identify low-hanging fruit opportunities to free up your time and optimize your online business. For 1 hour…I’m yours!

1-Hour Consulting = $100

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  • 1 hour, live video consultation (one-on-one) – review of findings
  • An objective review of your site from a visitors’ perspective
  • Actionable goals that you can implement yourself (based on your own personal skill level)
  • Feedback on blog aesthetics, general workflow as I experience your blog as a first-time reader
  • Automation tips
  • Monetization suggestions
  • Brand outreach ideas
  • SEO habits to form when preparing for a post
  • Social media sharing tactics to quickly boost engagement
  • Plugin review & security recommendations
  • Recommended training from industry experts
  • Much more, (depending on the results of your questionnaire)
  • I look forward to our time together!