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This site was built from scratch to showcase all of my design / optimization projects. I play with it often, we call our dev / test sites our “sandbox” sites to create and test things. I decided to build it off of a subdomain off of my main blog to keep things simple, and I love my host who is amazing and he was cool with it.  I used the Optimizer Pro WordPress theme with a few CSS customizations.

Features that I added:

  • Built-in web design calculator (and submission form).  
  • Terms and conditions page (with submission / acceptance button)
  • Payment options for clients
  • Project Management capabilities that clients can access on a private, password-only portal (see example below)
  • Custom colors
  • Graphic design work

Functionality built in for clients, project management portal (to track projects / communicate with clients / collect payments).

Project Management Portal sample

Example: Private client project management portal