Starting a business is always the fun part: Coming up with an idea, building an online store, and imagining all the things the business will become once it takes off. But without marketing knowledge, driving traffic and making sales can become an entrepreneur’s biggest hurdle on the road to success.

For those of us out there dipping our toe into the world of eCommerce, Shopify offers a FREE course on how to get your first sale on Shopify

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As you know, I opened my own online store using Shopify, and I absolutely love the platform.

This free video course offers 21-video modules showing you exactly what to do to make your first sale on Shopify using Facebook Ads! This covers everything from brand differentiation to pixel placement to campaign optimization, this course is designed to show you how easy it is to start and scale your business with Shopify. 

Best of all, the video training is free! Enjoy the courses! 

Intro: Welcome!

Video 1: What to Expect

Video 2: Where We Are in the World of eCommerce

Video 3: Faceless eCommerce is Dead

Video 4: Infrastructure

Video 5: Offer Pages

Video 6: Third Party Apps

Video 7: Shopping Cart Checkout

Video 8: Facebook Pixel Intro

Video 9: Add Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store

Video 10: Advertising Roadmap

Video 11: Facebook Placements

Video 12: Who & What

Video 13: Saved Audiences

Video 14: Video Best Practices

Video 15: Video Ad Reviews

Video 16: Campaign Setup (Part 1)

Video 17: Campaign Setup (Part 2)

Video 18: Optimize Forward

Video 19: Beyond the First Sale

Video 20: Outro

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If you ever have any questions about setting up your store, feel free to email me at anytime. I’d love to help!