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I’ll show you the way to having your own clean and easy-to-read website that makes an incredible first impression, without a lot of heavy code and customization. I’ll help you improve efficiency by automating specific functions, cleaning up the back-end functions of your site –all this while helping you stay current with latest web design trends!

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Barefoot Hospitality New Blog

Logo + New Blog Design

  I set up Barefoot Hospitality as a brand new blog for a friend of a friend. She needed a...

21 Video FREE Course: How to Sell on Shopify

Starting a business is always the fun part: Coming up with an idea, building an online store, and imagining all...

Olsen Theme

Build for a budding Instagram nail art star with 23K followers, now turning to blogging as a tween.  Site design...

Oleander Theme on Mac

Oleander Theme Salvaged Decor

  Salvaged Decor offers on-premise DIY workshops and classes. Their original eCommerce platform was Weebly. Specific tasks included: Out of...

Shopify Theme The Shop by Snazzy Little Things

Shopify eCommerce Site

I created “The Shop” as an eCommerce site on the Shopify platform using all free plugins. I highly recommend Shopify...

Foodie Pro DIY Forum Webdesign by Snazzy Little Things

Foodie Pro Theme

A new membership + project submissions site was created so that members of a private Facebook group could share their...

Twenty Sixteen Letters From the Road Web Design

Twenty Sixteen Theme

Built for a friend about to go on a cross-country trip. He sold his house, quit is job and bought...

-Fun- Theme Web Design

Fun Theme

Fun theme from Pretty Darn Cute Designs. Project Overview: I’ve known Denyse since my earliest days of blogging, and she...

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